About Peace & Soul

Peace & Soul Candles Company is a wellness brand focused on creating personally uplifting environments for your home or office.  Our candles are made with a 100% all natural blend of soy wax and coconut oil so you get a slow burning longer lasting candle.  We offer a line of hand poured affirmation candles reflective of the founder's culture, the African American culture.  All of our candles are created with the intent to promote love of ourselves and our community in a creative, relatable fashion.


company owner

I am Tina, owner of Peace & Soul Candle Company.  Peace & Soul Candles was created as a means of self expression and self-affirmation when I was going through a hard time in my life. When I was feeling alone, making candles was not only entertaining to me, it brought me joy and peace knowing I could essentially pour out what I was feeling into these candle.  I just wanted to share that with the world.  Now, it makes me happy to know that means something to somebody who gets my vibe.  To others, they just look pretty and smell good and that's ok too.